Film & Photography:

We have constructed a superb film and photography studio, with a bespoke permanent Infinity Curve, a truly unique feature at The Laundry Studios.

The studio has wide access via electric roller shutters, a drive in ramp, and a floor that will take the weight of a car.

In addition, there is a mezzanine floor with safety barrier for overhead shooting, a lighting truss, and floodlighting. We can also provide a green screen facility, amongst a range of other services.

We offer a dressing room, equipped with make up mirrors and sockets for appliances, chairs and wardrobe hanging space.

All our clients have access to our comfortably furnished green room, kitchen and bathroom.

Technical info:

Main studio space:

  • 20’ wide, 22’ deep, 12’ high to bottom of lighting (20’ to apex of roof).
  • 35’ diagonal giving in excess of 30’ of effective shooting distance into the curve parabolic
  • Studio roof insulated and acoustically treated with low density fiberboard
  • Lightweight removable ramp allows for easy vehicle access to infinity curve
  • All off camera spaces/surfaces painted matte black for maximum lighting control
  • 5 240v double sockets at ground level, 3 double sockets on the shooting gallery.
  • 2 double sockets at ground level wired independently from other studio/lighting circuits.
  • Large selection of blocks, plates, platforms and wedges

shooting wall:

  • 16’ wide, 7’8” high in Matte white, paintable on request
  • Roll out green screen

shooting gallery:

  • 8’ wide x 3’ 9” deep
  • Dedicated space for ‘locked off wide’ camera

lighting grid:

  • Heavy duty, 48mm tube lighting grid with 8 independently controllable power points controlled from floor level

Roller Doors:

  • 10’ wide x 10’ high when fully opened
  • Electrically controlled

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